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This is an exquisite Valparai green tea from the house of Grass Hills. The teas are made from special green tea clones which have negligible tannin content. To bring out the best flavour only small and very fine two leaves and a bud are plucked. The teas are gently rolled so that they do not break which allows each of them to open up in the pot when they are brewed.
The perfectly plucked and processed leaves are olive green and brew into a light smooth mellow green cup. Rich floral flavour with sharp typical notes of non-fermented green teas can be experienced. You can feel the delightful flavour in your mouth with each sip and without any bitterness. A very refreshing tea that leaves you with a clean aftertaste.

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100 Grams, 250 Grams, 500 Grams, 750 Grams, 1 Kg

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